Monday, December 1, 2014

I said EP, not ET

What is EP?

 No, not ET. EP.

EP (Environmental Projection) may just be the biggest buzzword and most significant advancement in a church’s use of technology these days. 

In a nutshell, EP is the art of using video projectors to display images on your walls, not necessarily for reading / viewing but rather to enhance the mood and create the optimum environment for the worship element at the moment.

There was a day when the church worship space was known for displaying the finest art from the top artists who wanted to honor and bring glory to The Creator. These days, most of our church sanctuaries are not much more than big, boring, beige boxes. EP lets you, with a few keystrokes, totally change the look and feel of your space.

Here are some pictorial examples of EP systems we have designed in partnership with Camron Ware at :

Yes, it works even if your room has some windows.  Yes, we can project on any wall surface.  No, it’s not that expensive. 

And the best answer we can give you is YES, we can help you and your church design an EP system for your space.  The easiest first step is to send us some pictures of your sanctuary.  We will send back some photo mock-ups (there is no charge for this service) to illustrate what EP would look like in your room. We will also provide a “ball park” price quote.

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