Monday, October 13, 2014


There is a raging debate in our industry between LCD and DLP projectors. Get 10 tech guys in the same room, and you might quickly get 10 different opinions on the topic.  Here’s mine:

Assuming that:

1.      Most churches can't afford a 3 chip DLP model and are therefore considering a single chip DLP projector (stay tuned---next week we will blog about the differences between single chip and 3-chip) versus a 3 panel LCD projector.

2.      Most churches are using the projector predominantly to display computer-generated presentations.

3.     Most churches are projecting in a room with lights on or windows uncovered and need all the lumen punch they can get.

So, I will almost always recommend an LCD projector.  Here’s why:

1.     A 3 panel LCD projector will give much better color than a single chip DLP.

2.     Brightness is a big issue. DLP projectors can have a major discrepancy between color brightness and white brightness. Since most of what your projector is going to be in full color, the spec sheet lumen rating of a DLP projector may not be a fair “apples to apples” comparison. There is some great information here: .

3.     I see no difference in life expectancy. Many DLP preference folks will point to LCD panel failure (the panels actually deteriorate and fail usually around a 5-7 year mark) as a big reason to consider a DLP projector over LCD. Historically, I'm not seeing it. So far, our DLP customers are not getting any longer life than our LCD customers.

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